Friday, February 20, 2009

BOGO on Epson Photo Papers

Epson's got a sale going on - buy one, get one free on all of their photo papers. Their 5 star papers are gallery-quality archival papers, and in my photog class we just concluded a month of print testing. The Ultra Premium Luster from Epson is a gorgeous paper. Wilhelm rates their papers for great permanence, particularly when used with Epson inks. Here's the rating sheet of the Epson R1900 with Epson papers. (PDF file)

At any rate, if you're in the market for some photo paper, the offer expires Feb 23 and use Discount Code 9YFASE at checkout (make sure you put 2 of the paper you want in your cart to begin with).

Shop Epson's papers

This works for all papers - I just finished biting the bullet and ordered a full set of replacement inks for my printer (asta la vista, $100, but I'm re-focusing my eBay efforts so hopefully this will turn out profitable), and grabbed a box of large format Luster paper while I was at it - 2 boxes now, since one is free.

They also have free ground shipping if you order ink, and the two offers DO stack if you order both paper and ink. Not bad, since paper is heavy and shipping can get pricey.

Go forth and shop!
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