Saturday, February 13, 2010

Windows Update Error 8024402F

So, for about a month now, on my Windows 7 Pro box, I've been getting an error when I run Windows Update. The update fails. It's an "unspecified" error, with a lengthy Knowledge Base article about temporary connection-based errors when using Windows Update. Error #8024402F.

On and off, I've gone through the plethora of solutions suggested in that KB article. I've disabled Windows Firewall and my anti-virus. I've added the Windows Update URL's to the trusted sites in Internet Explorer. I turned off all QoS and internet prioritization on my router. I checked my HOSTS file (no related entries), and cleared my DNS cache. I could get on the web, check email, run instant messaging - just couldn't run Windows Update.

Long story short, my router was blocking ActiveX. Once I un-toggled that block, Windows Update ran like a charm.

(If you're having a similar problem, I had also read that if your router is set to block compressed files, un-block that).

I suppose I won't need whatever canned response Microsoft is about to send me "within 1 business day."