Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hard Drive Crash... Maybe

What a fiasco this weekend has been - I have to go back to work tomorrow, and have tons of stuff I need to do on the computer, and of course - it's time for a crash. My brand new Maxtor 250gb drive started clicking and locking up on me the other day, and to my dismay failed all diagnostic tests. So, I started rebooting, dragging off data, rebooting, backing up... Randomly the drive wouldn't even be detected in my BIOS. Then, as the drive locked up sooner and sooner, BOTH of my hard drives stopped detecting in the BIOS. Hmmm... IDE controller gone bad? Flaky ribbon cable? Power issue? I unplugged 2 of the extra fans in my case, which were coincidentally plugged in via the same power chain as the hard drives. I haven't locked up since, and the drive passed the Maxtor PowerMax diagnostic after being disconnected from the fans. Not sure if it's the fans themselves causing the problem, or if I just need a new/more powerful power supply (likely the case - I have a lot of stuff in this system sucking power).

The drive is under warranty till November, so I'm going to keep my eye on it, but hopefully I've found the problem without doing actual damage to the drive. Sadly I'll probably have to wipe it out and do a low level format on it anyway, assuming the power glitches caused some bad sectors, but I'll look into that another day. For now I'm just glad my computer is running so I can get some work done!

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