Sunday, July 06, 2008

I'm all for being social, BUT...

OK, so I've been using for a little while (I'm phlyersphan), and I love the concept. It aggregates ALL of the services I post to into one easy feed that people can subscribe to via RSS (things like Flickr, Twitter, Google Reader, etc).


I've subscribed to some high-traffic people's feeds, and HOLY COW... this "Friend of a Friend" feature feeds me SO much stuff that I just end up deleting it all without reading it! (Robert Scoble's friends are the biggest culprit! I think he lives online!)

If I were only subscribing to small-potatoes people (aka people I know), I might like the friend-of-a-friend thing as a way to find new people to subscribe to. When you subscribe to really frequent posters or celebrity types, though, the traffic is just overwhelming for my poor little RSS-feed-saturated brain.

At any rate, Kevin Rose has finally posted the question I've been meaning to ask for weeks:

How do you disable messages from Friends of Friends in your subscription feed?

Hallalujah, we have an answer!

1. Go to FriendFeed and view your friends' feeds.

2. Scroll down until you find a post from a Friend of a Friend.

3. Click the "hide" link under that message.

4. You'll see a new link - click "See options for hiding other items like this"

5. Two more options to choose from: Pick one - "Hide all stuff from friends-of-friends" or "Hide all stuff from (whoever)'s friends-of-friends"

There you have it!

My FriendFeed is finally readable! I feel fine in that I can still discover new people to follow by reading their comments on my friends' posts.

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