Friday, September 17, 2004

Poker or Bust

How about a non-techie post on this here blog? My description does mention life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, after all. Well... you may or may not know that I'm a blog junkie. Or - more specifically, an RSS feed junkie. I use to manage my feeds, and visit the site constantly to read up on all of my blog and news feeds. I have many categories... tech, hardware, web design, web programming, linux, general news... I spend a couple hours a day reading all about those things on the web. It's kind of how I get my news.

This morning I came to realize that there are probably blogs about poker out there! (Duh!) I like to play poker. Particularly, Texas hold'em and Omaha (hi). I like to play the random weekend home games. I like to play tourneys. I like to play online. I just like to play. So I started searching the web for some poker blogs, and sure enough, got sucked into a few good ones (coincidentally written by girls). Someday when I move off of Blogspot here to my own domain with a better blog manager, I'll organize things into nice categories and post more about poker, but for now, here's a story.

For the first time since I started playing online (6 or 7 months ago, maybe? I learned to play poker less than a year ago, thank to my wonderful boyfriend Randy, who has no idea how much I look up to him and admire his poker game), I'm about to go bust. Granted, I only invested $50, but playing el-cheapo games, I had grown it up around $300 for a while. So I suppose that having my $50 last me half a year, I only spent $10 a month or so for the hours and hours of entertainment. But, I think it's my ego that is hurting!! I did double my money today (wooooo I'm back up to $15!) and it'll be a rough comeback, but I am determined not to put any more cash into it, and to build back up from what I've got. I prefer to save my cash for live games. One of these days I may even get the guts to play in a casino tournament.

Any other poker players out there?

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