Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Go Daddy Ad Rejected by Fox

Netcraft: Go Daddy Doubles Super Bowl Ads, Has One Rejected by Fox: "Domain registrar Go Daddy has decided to purchase a second ad during next Sunday's Super Bowl, for an overall $4.8 million investment in 60 seconds worth of air time. But the advertisement Go Daddy submitted for its second 30-second slot was rejected by the Fox Network, according to a weblog post by CEO Bob Parsons.

Go Daddy will instead use the newly-purchased ad slot - to appear in the final minutes of the game - to repeat a first-half ad, which has already been approved by Fox. Go Daddy will make the rejected ad available on its web site Monday, apparently hoping to get additional publicity from Internet buzz, and leaving skeptics to wonder whether the 'rejection' was a strategic ploy to gain extra mileage from the Super Bowl investment. [more]"

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