Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cheap, Good Computer Speakers?

My 9 year old Altec Lansing computer speakers finally took a shit on me. (Best $72 I ever spent!) I need a new set of speakers with a woofer.

Any suggestions? Altec Lansings were the cat's ass back in 1997, but I've paid no attention since.

Preferably under $100. Super preferably in the $50-ish range.


macpro said...

I like most of Logitech's "PC" speakers (at the mid price and up level). These are THX grade, for around $100, with a separate sub:

If you'd prefer not to have a sub, but just great sound, this Klipsch model is excellent.

Altec Lansing has always been above average, and this model sounds quite good...

And lastly, if you decide to go the cheap route, here's a decent pair of JBLs:

macpro said...

Scratch my comment about the altec lansing model mentioned.

I could have sworn that's the specific model I had heard at a friend's and it sounded good.

But all the reviews on Amazon say it's crap.

But the other 3 I mentioned are absolutely gems worthy of consideration.

kimberly said...

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