Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Configuring Auto-Eject

Many thanks to Ellyaht over at for the answer to this question that has been baffling me!

I'm using Mandrake 10, and I was configuring my RPM media sources using the easy-urpmi web site. In the process, I accidentally wiped out my previously configured media - the original Mandrake install CD's. I was able to add them back in manually through the Software Media Manager in MDK's config area, but when I ran an update or an install, and a CD was needed, instead of informing me to insert the CD and auto-ejecting my CD drive tray, the installer would fail saying it couldn't read from the media.

The mission: make auto eject work again!

The solution: Edit the media sources for the CD's, and instead of pointing them to:

file://mnt/cdrom (etc - path to RPM's)

point them to:

removable://mnt/cdrom (etc - path to RPM's)

Rock on! Life is good...

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