Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tuesday's Tips

Some things I learned today in Linux...

- Hiding application buttons in the taskbar from other desktops:

In KDE, I wanted to use the multiple desktop feature to reduce clutter as I'm working on my machine. I had worked on a Linux box recently where each desktop had its own open program icons on the taskbar. But in my Mandrake 10 KDE installation, this wasn't happening. I could send applications to another desktop, but I still saw them on my taskbar. Sure enough, there's a way to change that!

Right-click on the taskbar and choose "configure panel." From that configuration window, choose "taskbar" on the left, then un-check the box that says "show windows from all desktops."

Done! Ahhh... nice organized uncluttered interface...

- Keyboard shortcut for switching between desktops: CTRL-SHIFT-Tab

- Keyboard shortcut for walking through the list of desktops: CTRL-Tab

Until Next Time....

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