Saturday, July 10, 2004

Saturday's Tip of the Day

Here's a useful tidbit I learned today. I decided to move my mail/calendar over to KDE's Kontact, as I was having way too many problems with crashing and irregularities in Ximian's Evolution organizer. What I noticed though was that in Kontact, when I clicked a hyperlink in an email message, it would open it in the Konquerer browser. I would prefer Mozilla - so, today's tip is how to change your default applications and file associations in KDE. (I'm using Mandrake 10 with KDE 3.2).

From the application menu, click System - Configuration - KDE - Components - File Associations. Expand the tree under "text" to display text-type files, and highlight "html." You should now see on the right side of the window which programs you have installed to handle html files, and what order of preference they are in. Move the programs up and down in the list until your "most preferred" program is first in the list (at the top), and your least preferred program is last on the list (at the bottom).

Tada! Now my links are again opening in Mozilla. (Now if only the Mozilla people would fix the profile bug that is driving me mad!)

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