Thursday, July 08, 2004

Got a New Laptop

Wahooo! I finally bought a laptop :) It's only been like 3 years that I've been waffling over the decision. Now that I have had opportunity to travel and have the need for it, and have also realized that it would make my life a zillion times easier at work to be able to bring my laptop from class to class instead of emailing myself files to work/to home/to the classrooms, I took the plunge. (Really, I bought it because I'm going to Hawaii in 6 days and must guarantee connectivity. Why? Oh, no reason. I just can't stand to be away from my computer!)

I bought a Toshiba A75-S206 system. $1399 with 12 months free financing at Circuit City. (It's the same price everywhere I checked, but Best Buy had only 6 months free financing).

The specs:

Pentium 4 2.80 gHz processor
512mb ram
60gb hdd
128mb ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 graphics
Built-in wi-fi 802.11 b/g
Win XP Home (I'd like Pro, but Home will do for now)

I love it love it love it!

I get about 3 hours of battery life under "normal" usage (browsing the web, email, word processing, basic stuff). When I'm doing a lot with the CD drive, it seems to suck power quicker.

I picked up a Logitech cordless optical notebook mouse for it, and I'm digging that too. It's got the tiny USB stick for a wireless receiver, and the mouse is big enough where I don't feel like it's a pebble in my hand. (Why on earth do they make notebook mice so tiny??) It's a nice size - small enough to pack away easily but big enough to be comfortable. It plays nice with my other wireless mouse too - I have the laptop on my desk here in front of me, and the desktop system monitor just behind that. So my Linux system and WinXP system have side-by-side wireless mice, and no conflicts. Hoorah for that!

Anyway that's my big news for today...

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