Friday, July 30, 2004

Running Windoze apps in Linux

I love VMWare!!! I've got VMWare Workstation (4.51 I think it is?), and finally got around to installing it. I set up Windows 2000 Pro as a virtual machine on my Linux box (didn't feel like messing around with XP's activation process, AGAIN). So far it's running everything I've thrown at it just fine.

One little tidbit of a hassle I had - I had enabled "legacy emulation" for my CDROM drives when first setting it up, in the process of trying to troubleshoot another issue (my CD was dirty so it wasn't booting from CD for installation). When I finally got Windows up and running in VMWare, I found that I couldn't install some programs from CD (namely, anything that didn't have auto-run enabled - anything I had to double-click the executable to start). That bummed me out - until I realized that un-checking the "legacy emulation" setting on the CDROM drive made everything work snazzy again.

I'm doing what I hope is my last round of Windows Update... reboot... Windows Update... reboot (UGH!!!) and then I'll be attempting to install Ultima Online. If it works, I will officially have everything I need running my Linux box. Then I'll have the joy of figuring out how to wipe my original XP install, re-configure lilo to only boot Mandy, and use that 80gb drive for more stuff woohooo!

All hail VMWare!

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