Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Firefox Shooting For 10 Percent

You know me and my Firefox cheerleading - Go Firefox! Just to add another set of statistics to the mix, according to, through October so far, Mozilla has 17.2% of their visitors' market share, up from 16.9% last month - and October isn't even over yet. On that site, Mozilla's share of the pie has increased every single month since January 2003, which is the first month it is listed. Here's that link.

Slashdot | Firefox Shooting For 10 Percent: "Random BedHead Ed writes 'An article on ZDNet Monday features an interview with Bart Decrem, the Mozilla organization spokesman, who says that by the end of next year they expect to have 10% of the browser share. 'We have the momentum,' he says. He attributes some of the success to faster browsing and a lack of software bloat, and suggests that other open source projects might see similar success if they trim features. The article also quotes some very interesting figures from ZDNet's own web servers. About 9% of ZDnet visitors were using a Mozilla browser in February; now in it's at 19%.' The average for OSTG overall is about 30%."

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