Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Get Over Fear of Rejection

Get over your fear of rejection... business style, anyway!

SitePoint.com (one of my favorite sites) has an article on their web sales blog with tips on how to get over your fear of rejection, particularly when pitching web design and development sales to clients or potential clients. Aside from my reluctance to take major risks (see my handwriting analysis, in a post below!), the one thing that keeps me from pursuing web development full time is the fact that I am not a sales person. It's not that I couldn't be - it's just that I'm such NOT a fan of rejection that I would never bet my living on being able to sell my services. I mean - nobody likes rejection, but I have a thing with taking it personally when it comes to business. I can't help relating business rejection to personal failure. (I know, BIG personality flaw!)

So reading this article, I may just try some of the tips they suggest.

1. The "no" game. Go around asking people questions for which you expect to be turned down.

"Can I borrow a hundred bucks?"

"Wanna go out on a date?"

"Can I please shave your cat?"

Get used to hearing "no" and even make a game out of it, have fun with it. Hmmm. The more you hear it, the less it stings.

2. Pursue a goal way bigger than selling your web services. That way, perspective lends itself to showing you how small in fact the act of pursuing a web job really is, in the grand scheme of things.

Interesting stuff. Check out the entire article.

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