Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hypo-Allergenic Cats Now Available for Pre-Order

Finally, my cousin Laura could come over to my house! Woohoo! Let's buy some cats! :)

Slashdot | Hypo-Allergenic Cats Now Available for Pre-Order: "'Allerca Inc is now taking reservations for genetically engineered hypo-allergenic cats, which it calls 'lifestyle pets'... and apparently they are just the beginning... Read the press release here... and you can take delivery of a cuddy non-sinus bothering bundle of joy for just $3500. 'The hypoallergenic cats produced by ALLERCA will allow consumers to enjoy the love and companionship of a pet without the cost, inconvenience, risk, and limited effectiveness of current allergy treatments. Clients will take delivery of the first ALLERCA kittens in 2007. The hypoallergenic cat is the first of a planned series of lifestyle pets that ALLERCA will develop over the next few years.' Meow!'"

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