Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Chicago headed for 2nd coldest Christmas Eve

WGN Weather Weblog: Chicago headed for 2nd coldest Christmas Eve Friday

Tuesday’s temp. moderation is just a breather. A more intense arctic outbreak—one likely to cover more of the country and settle out of Canada well west of its predecessors—is already oozing south into the Lower 48. It’s the first arctic blast this season likely to “bank” up against the eastern slopes of the Rockies while plunging south with vigor all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The bitter air mass promises round the clock subzero readings over the Upper Midwest much of the remainder of the week and promises Chicago its most frigid daytime December temps in 15 years by week’s end. It sets the stage for the second coldest Christmas Eve daytime high on record since 1870. To date, the -11° in 1983 is the coldest Dec. 24 high on the books; 5° is the second coldest set back in 1972.

The forecast, dependent upon some snow on the ground, is for a 2° high Friday, a reading 30 degrees below normal.

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