Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Web Dev: I Don't Care About Market Share

Don't Care about Market Share

The question of browser market share has once again been rearing its foul, misshapen head, and like some sort of lesser Don Quixote, Eric decides to explain why no Web designer should ever really care.

Look, I’ll make this very simple for everyone. If you’re trying to figure out what browsers to support (or not) in terms of layout consistency on a given site, then the answer is very easy. Whatever the site’s access logs tell you. End. Of. Story!

For example, the stats for the past few days’ worth of visitors to Complex Spiral Consulting tell me the following:
User Agent Portion of hits
Firefox 43%
IE6 30.8%
Mozilla 8.8%
Safari 8.6%
Opera 2.4%

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