Thursday, December 09, 2004

Top 11 Ways Geeks Celebrate Christmas

Oh giggle!

BBspot - Top 11 Ways Geeks Celebrate Christmas: "Ways Geeks Celebrate Christmas

11. Mountain Dew-nog
10. Printing out 'One Year of Free Computer Service' certificates to give to the family.
9. Designing elf-killing levels for your favorite FPS.
8. Explaining to children how it would be physically impossible for Santa to deliver all the presents.
7. Wear mistletoe hat and keep fingers crossed.
6. Devise a computer-controlled system to detect and prevent household members from trying to peek into their presents before Christmas.
5. Put a santa hat on your avatar.
4. Change the blue neon lights in the case to flashing red and green.
3. Decorating the tree with SDRAM and CPUs burned out from your last overclocking experiment.
2. Rewriting Christmas carols in Tolkien's Elvish.
1. Programming the christmas lights to flash out 'I hate this holiday of unbridled consumerism' in binary."

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