Friday, December 03, 2004

View and Test PHP Pages Without a Server

Neat little app I found today while browsing my blogroll... A freeware app that claims to be able to display web pages (including PHP) without running a dedicated web server. It's a standalone little program with a built in web server. The site lists CD-rom distribution as a possible use (good one!), and I'm thinking it would be a quick way to test your PHP scripts on a machine that doesn't have or support a full web server installation. Check it out:

Angora Software:: "Develop and distribute web page scripts without a web server. The application is useful for CD-ROM distribution, Stand-Alone materials, kiosks, and web page development. The application is able to load and execute ISAPI DLLs, including the PHP ISAPI interpreter, showing the result in a HTML viewer. The installation includes PHP4 and an internal web server."

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