Sunday, December 19, 2004

Firefox "Find as you type"

I just found the coolest feature yet, built into Mozilla Firefox: the "find as you type" feature.

I'm very often wanting to search a web page for certain words. In the olden days, I'd use the highlight feature in the Google toolbar in IE to accomplish that task. I've discovered today that it's built into Firefox - and even more conveniently than in the Google toolbar. (Wow... just another example of Internet Explorer's failure to innovate in the browser market...)

Basically, once you enable "find as you type," you can begin typing the word you want to find on any web page, and it will automatically be highlighted. You don't even have to click into the address bar or anyplace in particular - just start typing. Too cool.

So happy! :)

Another Cool Firefox Search Tool: "The find as you type feature is enabled through the options menu. To turn it on, select Tools> Options > Advanced > Accessibility and tick the 'Use Find As You Type' radio button. When you want to cancel a search string or start over, just press the ESC key."

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