Thursday, December 02, 2004

Why Microsoft Won't Support More Web Standards in IE

Gary Schare, Director of Windows Product Management at Microsoft, on why Microsoft won't support more web standards with IE:

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Unbreaking the Web: "

We could change the CSS support and many other standards elements within the browser rendering platform. But in doing so, we would also potentially break a lot of things.


To sum up: the “more standards will break stuff” argument just doesn’t fly any more. To claim that possible Web page breakage prevents Microsoft from increasing standards support makes about as much sense as to claim that possible program breakage prevents them from ever changing or improving their operating system."

Wow. Good read.

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8a11 said...

That doesn't say much for the modularity of their code. He might as well say "We're not going to fix a lot of stuff, because we're not sure how to..."