Monday, December 13, 2004

Penn State Tells 80,000 Students To Ditch IE

Oh, the madness! The sheer joy!

InformationWeek > Browser Security > Penn State Tells 80,000 Students To Chuck IE > December 10, 2004: "A public university with an enrollment of over 80,000 put the kibosh this week on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and urged its students to switch to alternative browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, or Safari.

Penn State University on Wednesday issued an alert to students and staff recommending that they dump IE and use a different browser.

The university's Information Technology Services (ITS) gave the advice 'because the threats are real and alternatives exist to mitigate Web browser vulnerabilities,' ITS said in a statement. It cited the security problems in IE that have been the focus of both media reports and recommendations from such organizations as the US-CERT, the federally-funded computer response team housed at Carnegie Mellon University."

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