Thursday, December 02, 2004

NHL and Players Association to Meet News: "The National Hockey League has accepted an invitation from NHLPA Executive Director Bob Goodenow to attend a meeting in Toronto next Thursday, December 9, and possibly, Friday, December 10.

'We look forward to meeting with the NHL Players' Association next week,' said Bill Daly, NHL Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. 'We are hopeful that the NHLPA's offer will be a meaningful effort to address the League's economic problems. When we receive the proposal, we will evaluate it closely and respond appropriately.'

The Players' Association issued a release that said, in part: 'The letter also confirms that the NHLPA is working on a new proposal which it believes should provide the basis for a new collective bargaining agreement.'

This will be the first meeting between the sides since September 9th. The NHL is holding a meeting with a majority of general managers in New York on Dec. 2."

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