Friday, November 26, 2004

AMD roadmap drops Athlon XP

AMD roadmap drops Athlon XP | The Register: "AMD has updated its public roadmap. The biggest change: the death of its Athlon XP brand.

AMD has fully committed itself to Sempron, and adds a couple of new 90nm processors to the line-up. Indeed, there's a clear shift toward 90nm over 130nm across the roadmap....

A new 90nm AMD Athlon 64 core is due H1 2005. Codenamed 'Venice' it will replace today's 90nm and 130nm Athlon 64 desktop chips. Again, it's not clear how this CPU differs from the 90nm 'Winchester' part that's currently shipping. [more]"

-- Interesting stuff. Glad to hear that 90nm is the future of AMD, since I just bought a 90nm Winchester-core Athlon 64! :)

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8a11 said...

Rumour has it that they heard you'd bought one and decided right there and then to phase it out ;-) It makes sense for AMD to migrate to 90nm because in theory they can then wring more chips out of the same wafer, reducing the cost of each chip. Whether that reduction in cost gets passed on to the customer is a separate question. I hope that AMD's 90nm chips are more thermally stable than Intel's. /me breaks out the fire extinguisher.