Sunday, November 14, 2004

Dell May Try AMD Chips For Some Servers

Slashdot | Dell May Try AMD Chips For Some Servers: "LarsWestergren writes 'According to InfoWorld, Dell may be close to adopting AMD processors. Don't get your hopes up too early though. It is mainly for servers (and possibly 'gaming'?) since AMD doesn't have the manufacturing capacity to supply Dell with enough processors for the desktop. Furthermore, Dell have said similar things before, possibly to put pressure on Intel and get better deals from them. Still, this is definitely a PR win for AMD.' Intel, though, has a lot more ad dollars to contribute."

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8a11 said...

Now K6-2 != Athlon of course, but I repaired a machine at the weekend because the power supply fan had failed. While swapping out the PSU I chased a few dust bunnies (dust rhinos really) out of the case and gave the machine my usual visual once-over. It looks as though the CPU fan failed some years ago. Because it was the molex type that doesn't provide feedback to the mainboard, the system had no way of knowing. Not only did it not burst into flames when the CPU fan failed, this AMD chip kept working when the PSU fan (the only other fan in the box) siezed up. The K6-2 is not known for being thermally stable (note, this is not a K6-2+), but fair play, this one seems quite robust.

8a11 said...

Of course I replaced the CPU fan with a proper sensor-equipped one from PC Power & Cooling.