Monday, November 22, 2004

OOoFf! Bringing and Firefox to Retail Channels

OOoFf! Bringing and Firefox to Retail Channels: "Holiday shoppers looking to outfit their PCs with an affordable alternative to costly Microsoft office suites and less-than-secure Internet browsers will get their wish this season with the release of OOoFf! The new OOoFf! product -- the combination of two leading cross-platform software programs, and Firefox -- is available immediately at and will appear shortly on store shelves at major electronics retailers.

The OOoFf! package includes the necessary software for installation on personal computers running Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux operating systems. OOoFf! contains both 1.1.3, a complete Microsoft-compatible office suite, and Firefox 1.0, one of the fastest, most secure Internet browsers on the market -- bundled together for hundreds less than Microsoft alternatives."

-- ROCK ON!!!!!!! Love it. Caress it. Be all that is open source love. Of course - with a speedy internet connection you can download both for free, instead of paying the $29.95 that Linspire is charging for this bundle, but I do understand the value of convenience... and the name is killer!

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