Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Microsoft and Comcast vs. TiVo

Look out...

Microsoft and Comcast announced a deal today whereby Comcast will launch new dual-tuner cable boxes with digital video recording features, loaded with Microsoft's cable TV software (a la TiVo). Comcast plans to slightly undercut TiVo's pricing model for the DVR service, at $5/month for HD customers and $10/month for digital cable customers (versus TiVo's $13/month fee or $5/month for DirecTV subscribers).

This gets Microsoft someplace they've been dying to monopolize: the home entertainment market (aka our living rooms).

I would shrug this off as nothing, knowing from general opinion that the DVR services offered by the cable companies have always been outshined and out-featured by TiVo (at least according to the many people I've talked to that have tried non-TiVo DVR's), but with Microsoft onboard, I can't help but wonder... will they manage to take over the DVR market? Comcast is no small company, and that's a LOT of coverage.

It doesn't affect me, at any rate - not yet at least. I'm a happy DirecTV customer, and I'm in love with my TiVo!

Check out this Seattle Times article on the Microsoft/Comcast deal:

The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Comcast deal gives Microsoft entry into cable TV

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