Thursday, November 18, 2004

Crashed My Thunderbird

Thunderbird, the EMAIL program.... email, not cars....

Well, tonight, my Thunderbird email on my Linux box crashed when I tried opening a hyperlink from an email message. That was always sort of a flukey thing because you had to hack the user preferences javascript file in the TBird settings in order to get it to even recognize which browser to open up hyperlinks in. (It ignores the default file type settings in Linux, for some reason). So I clicked an email link, and it locked up my system, and upon reboot, I now cannot open Tbird. I can open it, but as soon as it tries to check for mail, the quality feedback agent pops up and the thing is toast. I tried deleting the old Tbird folder and reinstalling it, to no avail.

However, I was able to easily install Mozilla Thunderbird and Sunbird (the calendar) on my laptop (Windows) and transfer all of my mail, address book data, and appointments over. (Gotta love open source software that is STANDARDS BASED, and platform independent!) So that was a saving grace.

I could probably get Tbird working again on my Linux box if I really wanted to, but... OK time for a new post about my Linux woes.

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