Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Geek Holiday Buyer's Guide 2004

Tom's Hardware Guide Peripherals & Consumer Electronics: It's Here! The Holiday Buyer's Guide 2004 - The Swiss Army Goes 21st Century: "Are you confused about what to give for the holiday season? Over the last several weeks, we have reviewed some of the most exciting, expensive and sometimes strange electronic gadgets. The result is this easy guide to help you decide what toys to buy - and to dream about."

My favorites (honey, are you reading this??) :)

Western Digital Media Center - 250gb external USB2/Firewire hard drive with built in memory card reader.

Cool Keyboard with Built in Memory Card Reader - Can ya tell my memory card reader is a bit annoying to me? Let's integrate them into EVERYTHING!

SMC Wireless Traveler's Kit - an 802.11g portable wireless access point and bridge - Turn any ethernet connection into a WAP. Nice! Combine that with the laptop, and look ma - no cords! Love it.

Blackberry Phone/PDA - I've wanted a Blackberry forever! This one isn't available for Nextel (my phone co.) but others are :)

Of course - I speak the truth when I say, diamonds are a girl's best friend! (Even a geek girl)

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