Saturday, November 27, 2004

The New Screen Savers

kevin rose dot com - "Well my friends – TSS has evolved once again. This coming Monday the 29th, you’ll see a brand new cast take the helm. We’ve had a lot of talented hosts as part of the TSS family, and now we have two new additions: Kevin Pereira, and Chi-Lan Lieu.

After the most recent changes to the show, I was given a choice - either host the new show, or create content. I decided to go back to what I love most, and that’s creating content. Now that I’m freed up from my hosting duties, I’ll spend my free time working on DarkTips and other great tech segments – which I’m very excited about. Expect to see me (and my partner in crime Sarah Lane) on every show, doing what we do best.

I’m off to Vegas – everyone have a great Thanksgiving, and see you on Monday!"

-- :( Great.... I miss Patrick Norton!!!!!!!!!!! And Kevin Rose was the only reason I kept watching TSS... soon I won't even bother...

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