Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No More Passwords Says Bill Gates

Slashdot | Bill Gates Proclaims End of Passwords: "KrazyK writes 'Bill Gates has just proclaimed the end of passwords. There's only one drawback - you have to use .Net (well, what else would you expect?). However, the smart card that is at the centre of it - made by Axalto - is still a great bit of technology. How long before we can get an open-source version of this?'"

Looks like we'll all be carrying .Net based smart card to replace our passwords. "The Cryptoflex .Net powered smart card "is a secure, ultra-miniature personal computing technology that runs a small footprint version of the .Net Framework", said Axalto. The .Net-based smart card provides customisable two-factor authentication as well as full cryptographic capabilities, seamlessly via the standard Microsoft .Net programming tools and interfaces. Microsoft marks the first enterprise deployment of the .Net-based smart card."

The timeline for implementation of such a thing is short - tens of thousands of Microsoft employees worldwide already carry name badges with such technology, and it will be used universally by Microsoft for secure remote netowrk access by 2005.

While this bristles the hairs on the back of my neck just thinking about Microsoft taking over the world, I must say - it sure is a pain in the ass remembering all of my different passwords for different sites and purposes. The internet, the garage door code, the ATM pin number, the voicemail password (cell, house, and work)... the list goes on and on and on.

Hey Billy? Can ya replace ALL of my passwords? I'd love ya forever (or at least not complain so much about your products).

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