Sunday, November 14, 2004

Intel Quietly Introduces 3.8GHz P4

Slashdot | Intel Quietly Introduces 3.8GHz P4: "BatonRogue writes 'I didn't see this anywhere else, but it looks like Intel has quietly launched their Pentium 4 570J running at 3.8GHz. The J denotes Intel's Execute Disable Bit support, which they have also quietly introduced (it seems to save face of being 2nd to support it behind AMD). AnandTech seems to be the only place to have a review of the 570J. It performs reasonably well and even better than AMD in some areas, while falling behind in things like games. AnandTech has a nice one page benchmark comparison of the 570J to AMD's 4000+ as a quick reference.'"

-- Being an AMD fan, I love to see them leading Intel in the gaming arena. I'm considering upgrading my main machine to an AMD 64 chip (probably the 3400+). Actually, I know the upgrade will happen - just waiting for some $$$ to buy the parts!

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