Sunday, November 21, 2004

PHP Yellow Duck Framework

PHPkitchen - Yellow Duck Framework: "The Yellow Duck Framework is an object oriented framework that will help you with creating web applications.

The Yellow Duck Framework supports the following items:

* Clean separation of code and output
* Templates for outputting HTML easily
* Automatic action dispatching using URL parameters
* Object oriented form construction and validation
* Object oriented handling of authentication
* Classes for creating 'XML/RPC' clients and servers.
* Classes for creating syndicated XML feeds such as RSS and Atom feeds.
* Easy handling of files, directories and images. For images, there are some very straightforward functions that can create thumbnails of those images.
* An object oriented interface for creating and sending email messages.

The Yellow Duck Framework tries to be as flexible as possible so that you can tailor it in such a way that it works according to the way you want it to work. It's definitely not the framework that will solve all your needs, but for most web application related functions, you will find the Yellow Duck Framework a very handig tool to get your work done faster and more reliably.

More information:"

-- Personally... my object-oriented PHP coding needs some help. By nature, I code in the procedural style of the old Microsoft ASP - spaghetti code. Then came PHP, and it was wonderfully more useful than ASP with the same styling I'd grown used to in ASP. (I hated VBScript anyway). I abandoned ASP and moved forward with PHP.

I had only learned enough Java to be dangerous, and that was all I knew about object-oriented programming. PHP4 supported OOP very primitively, and now that PHP5 is out, with (from what I hear) excellent support for the "object oriented lifestyle" (as I like to call it), I really should make the move and evolve as a PHP programmer. I've been thinking that whenever I get around to learning the new features of PHP5, I'll force myself to move into OOP with PHP. Maybe I'll check out this yellow duck thing - it may serve as a nice intro to working with OO code. Looks like a very promising little framework.

And I love ducks, to boot!

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