Monday, November 15, 2004

While My School's Server is Crashed...

I must say... the Blackboard server at the college I work at drives me insane. (Blackboard is an educational content management system). I don't know what the problem is - our school's equipment and/or bandwidth, or the platform itself, but with the gigantic universities that use Blackboard (compared to our itsy bitsy little college), I suspect the college. Right now, I'm suffering from FIVE MINUTE page load times. Yes. 5 minutes from the time I click a link to the time the page actually loads. And that's IF the page ever loads. I just lost a bunch of work I did on a quiz I'm creating, as my web request got lost in cyberspace and the server never responded. God forbid more than a couple people log into the server at one time - the thing hangs and chokes on itself, with the result being exactly what I've described. The MIS department claims that Blackboard is an asynchronous tool, not meant for many simultaneous logins, and when that scenario occurs, the software cannot handle it. Ironically though, I asked some people in the midwest regional Blackboard users' group if they experience anything similar at their large universities, and the answer is... nope.

Oh my goodness - it seems to be working again. Sorry for the bitch-fest. I needed to kill some time.

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