Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gmail adds POP3 Access to Email Accounts

Via Slashdot Article: Gmail adds POP3 To Email Accounts: VaultX writes "Gmail has recently added POP3 services to their free email accounts. This would allow someone to use gmail without ever seeing any of their advertisements. They are also providing SMTP, both POP3 and SMTP are forcing the use of SSL/TLS. Very where's IMAP and what's the catch?" It's being phased in, though, so not every gmail account yet has POP access.

-- I don't really care about accessing my Gmail via other email clients, because I REALLY like the Gmail interface and label/search system. I would however like to be able to POP other email account and collect all of my messages via the Gmail interface! I guess I'll have to keep waiting for that feature.

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