Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mambo one of Top 15 Open Source CMS in Education - Mambo Open Source CMS Portal: "Hartmut Haefele is the author of a new book called 'Content Management Systeme in e-Education'. His book is based on a large study of 298 Content Management System made for the Federal Ministry for education, science and culture in Austria. Besides many commercial CMS 78 Open Source Content Management Systems have been tested.

The result of this study is very surprising. Mambo made it's way into to Top15 CMS on the planet. Only 4 other Open Source CMS also could enter the Top15, which are Plone (Zope-based), ZMS (Zope-based), Typo3 (PHP, MySQL) and Digital Workroom (PHP, MySQL). Detailed informations can be found in the book, which can be bought here:"


-- This tidbit is of particular interest to me, as I'm head of a committee at the college I work at that is evaluating various CMS options for our online courses. We currently use a proprietary system called Blackboard, and while it's a great product that has served our purposes well, it is quite costly. I'm definitely planning to check out this book.

I'm glad to see Mambo on the list, because I am newly in love with Mambo for web site content management. I don't know that it's featured enough for the specific things we would use it for in an educational setting, but maybe this book will tell me!

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