Saturday, November 06, 2004

Converting a Web Site to XHTML with CSS-P

Well... it's ridiculously late at night (some of you would say this is tomorrow morning!) and I've just finished converting my entire web site to XHTML Transitional code with CSS for managing all layout and appearance attributes. I'm reading the book "Eric Meyer on CSS" right now, and am a convert. No more table layouts for me! No more non-validating code!

So - after about 4 hours (on a 36 page web site), I've got it about 90% finished. Most of it is validating XHTML Transitional. There are a couple of things I have to go in and tweak (remove some formatting in the guts of some of the pages). But all of the layouts have been converted to XHTML, and all of that is validating.

I'm very pleased with the results - amazed at how clean the code is compared to the messy nested table chaos that it was just a few hours ago. Also amazed at the smaller file size - on average, each of my pages are about 30% smaller in size than they were. That's pretty significant.

The site displays nicely on all of the major modern browsers (I checked it in Firefox RC 1.0, Mozilla 1.8, Opera 6, Netscape 7, and IE 6). It displays ugly in Netscape 4, but I refuse to code that far backwards. I refuse. If more web developers just flat out refused to code for the ancient Netscape 4, maybe those half-a-percent of the market people would upgrade.

And with that, I pat myself on the back and go to SLEEP!!!

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Nikon6 said...

Your brain functions at that hour? LOL I too was up around 3-4 this morning but I was creating a diabetic cat forum lol.